Welcome to Hunt Alturas! We offer 31,000 acres of hunting on a private Northern California ranch nestled beneath the Warner Mountain Range. Hunting is primarily offered in the X3A zone, with a smaller portion in X3B.

Hunt Alturas operates on the private land of Alturas Ranches, LLC and Green Valley Enterprises.

Alturas Ranches and Green Valley Enterprises are full production farms and ranches. They produce premium Wild Rice and Alfalfa crops as well as Commercial and Lowline Angus Cattle. Premium Alfalfa Hay and Alfalfa Pellets are  available for sale on site at the Alturas Ranches' office. Hearty and delicious wild rice is available for sale online through Fall River Wild Rice and Indian Harvest

Alturas Ranches and Green Valley Enterprises raise both Commercial and Lowline Angus cattle, with original Lowline genetics imported all the way from New Zealand. Lowline cattle are an exceptional breed due to their calving ease, high dressing percentages, beautiful marbling, and extreme feed efficiency. The Ranches' cattle are grass fed and raised as part of the Natural Beef Program with no hormones or antibiotics. For more information on Lowline Cattle, visit The American Lowline Registry Website as well as The Lowline Cattle Association Website.

For questions about Alfalfa Hay or Cattle sales, call the Alturas Ranches office at: 530-233-4661