Trespass Permits are issued to all eligible hunters through Alturas Ranches, LLC.

Hunters must have their own hunting tags at the time of issue.

Trespass Permits must be displayed clearly inside your vehicle or carried on your person while on Ranch property

Alturas Ranches offers trespass permits for the x3a hunting zone.


Trespass Permits are offered for:

Deer, Antelope, Upland Game and Waterfowl, and Squirrel (Squirrel hunting yearly from April 1-August 1)

Learn more about our waterfowl hunting and available blinds:

Read and sign our liability waiver before you arrive for a faster check in process.

Permits are strictly enforced. No animal may be taken other than what is issued on your permit by Alturas Ranches. 


*Note: Trespass permits for deer will not be available until Alturas Ranches determines that there are enough deer and/or spaces in the calendar for hunters who wish to hunt the property on their own.  Guided hunts take precedence over trespass permits